We understand that planning a wonderful yacht charter and an amazing event on a yacht can raise a multitude of questions. We often receive various inquiries and questions from our customers. On this page, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked and important ones to provide you with useful information and confidence in planning your yacht getaway.


We value our interaction with clients and strive to make your experience as comfortable and seamless as possible. If you have any additional questions, just give us a call.

  • Is safety a concern on the yachts?

    Safety is our top priority. We take every measure to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience on board. All our yachts are in excellent technical condition, and our team consists of licensed professionals with extensive experience. All our yachts are equipped with essential safety features, including life jackets, emergency kits, and first aid supplies. We prioritize the well-being of our passengers. If you have known allergies or specific medical requirements, we recommend bringing spare medication to ensure your comfort and safety in the unlikely event of an emergency. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

  • What is the maximum number of guests allowed on board?

    According to regulations from the Federal Coast Guard, the maximum capacity for a privately chartered yacht is limited to yourself plus 12 additional guests. This number cannot be surpassed whether the yacht is cruising, anchored, or docked alongside another vessel. If your group exceeds 13 individuals, you’ll need to rent more than one yacht.

  • Are children allowed on board?

    Absolutely! Bring your children along! We welcome them on board our yachts and consider them valued passengers. Moreover, feel free to bring entertainers along – we’re more than happy to accommodate them as well!

  • Are pets allowed on board?

    While we have a deep love for animals, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets on board any of our yachts. This decision is made to ensure the overall comfort and safety of all our guests. It’s also important to understand that being on board can be a significant source of stress for most pets, and we want to prioritize their well-being. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Can I bring my food and alcohol on board?

    Certainly! You are more than welcome to bring your preferred selection of alcoholic beverages and your favorite snacks or meals onboard. We encourage guests to personalize their experience by indulging in their own culinary preferences during the charter. If you’d like to invite your personal chef or arrange catering services, we’re here to assist with that as well! Also we have a wonderful Onboard Yacht Catering Menu for you from our partners Bee Flat.

  • Where does my yacht depart from?

    The departure point for your yacht is typically either North Bay Island or Miami Beach. Both locations provide convenient parking nearby.

  • Shoe Policy

    The wearing of shoes on board the boat is prohibited due to the sensitive nature of the yacht’s flooring and deck.

  • Smoking Policy

    Traditional cigar and cigarette smoking is restricted to the designated smoking area on the swim platform. The use of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices is permitted outdoors, with the exception of the yacht’s interior.

  • May I play my favorite music on board?

    All our yachts come equipped with a multi zone premium sound systems. Just connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music during yacht charter!

  • Is mobile connectivity available during the charter?

    In most areas where our charters take place, communication access is available. We understand that maintaining communication is important for many of our guests, so we strive to provide reliable communication tools on board. However, it’s worth considering that in some remote locations where nature is magnificent, communication may be limited.

  • Taxes, gratuities, and fees are included in the price?

    For the convenience of our clients, usually everything is already included in the current advertised price. It is important to note that special customer requests beyond the advertised offer are not included in the price. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and any details!

  • Do you offer yacht viewings prior to booking a charter?

    Certainly! We welcome and encourage our clients to personally view the yacht before finalizing their reservation. You can schedule a visit to inspect the yacht or arrange a video call for a virtual tour on the same day. Our team is dedicated to providing you with all the information and visual insights you need to make an informed decision. Your satisfaction and confidence in choosing the perfect yacht for your charter experience are our top priorities. Please reach out to us to coordinate a convenient time for your visit or virtual tour.

  • Cancelation by request is allowed?

    Life is full of surprises. Inform us of any changes to your plans more than 24 hours before your charter and receive a guaranteed full refund of your charter price. More details about our cancellation policy can be found in our Cancellation Policy.

  • What if you’re late for the charter due to a flight delay?

    We understand that plans change. To reschedule your charter, we’d be happy to offer you a convenient alternative date or time.